Why LifeStars?

It’s all about true customer closeness

LifeStars has been developed to meet a clear and ever-growing business need; the need to break down the barriers between customers and brands, to bring them close to create an always-on insight tap, that is quick and cost-effective.  That way brands can truly put customers at the heart of their decision-making.

Why? In our ever-evolving, fast paced world, brands that have constant dialogue with their customers are much more likely to stay ahead of the curve. There is no point spotting the trend as it becomes mainstream. Brands need to spot the green shoots of the trend early so they can meet their customers’ needs before competitors.    

Consumers and businesses are busier than ever. And with so many research questions needing to be answered, brands need to stay closer to their consumers, yet economic constraints means that in doing so needs to be cost-effective.

As an always-on research app, LifeStars enables burning questions to be answered within a fraction of the time compare with the weeks typically required by traditional research methods.

Giving brands control of who, when and what they ask their customers, allows for quick answers to key questions, without the need for lengthy research briefs. It also means that once the company has signed up once, there are no additional sign-offs, POs and other approval processes. It’s quick, efficient, and effective research.  

The result is better, more confident decision making, backed by consumer evidence.  This can shape both overarching brand strategy and day-to-day operations. Brands get the answers they need in a simple, fast, and cost-effective way, leaving customers feeling connected and valued.

LifeStars is designed by research experts and built by tech specialists. 

LifeStars was developed by Spark Market Research, a full-service insights and research agency based in Leeds and Dublin. Run by a team of marketers, psychologists, data scientists and researchers working with global brands including Kellogg’s, Amazon, Pizza Express and Accenture, LifeStars as a practical research tool helps insight and marketing leaders to truly know their customers. 

Spark know research. And our experience in over 50 markets, measuring and exploring brands means we know the world of brands too. So, teaming up with our tech friends, we’ve made real-time research simple and user-friendly. 

Easy survey set-up means surveying your customers is straight-forward, delivering reliable and comprehensive data results on an easy to digest, visual dashboard. 

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Reward closeness

Keeping your consumers close means they are better engaged in your brand. Thank them for sharing their opinions with rewards that are meaningful to them.

As your customers answer the surveys you send them, they will be rewarded for sharing their opinions, by earning ‘Stars’. These can then be converted into cash to spend on lots of top brands.