The always-on research app that keeps your customers at the heart of your decision making

Always-on research app

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Customisable research app

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Give your customers a seat on the board – true customer-centricity

A lot has changed in the last few years, meaning we shouldn’t make business decisions based on historic insight or gut alone.

The truth is that customers are changing all the time. So, your insight needs to be current, relevant, robust, and representative. LifeStars ensures you know your customers better than anyone else.

Insight when you want it, delivered on your terms

Designed by researchers, built by experts, our fully customisable research software platform is developed just for you.

We deliver self-serve, always-on, consumer insight via a web application. We then utilise our native Apple and Android apps to get you to the heart of a consumer’s world to allow constant dialogue, allowing them to share their opinions.

LifeStars delivers quick answers to key questions

Quickly run any research project by creating your own survey or by choosing from our extensive library of survey templates:

  • Attitudes & opinions about your brand
  • Customer experience feedback/NPS
  • Quick votes on NPD or pack design
  • Segment feedback
  • Ad testing
  • PR & business case statistics
  • Trend exploration
LifeStars Research app screen one
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Reward participants for sharing their opinions

LifeStars has a built-in incentivisation system. Stars are awarded for completed tasks and surveys in a non-monetary way to recognise and thank highly engaged consumers for their feedback.

Or they can be redeemed/converted into financial rewards. You decide.

Cleverly built so you can make it your own

LifeStars is built so that you can tailor it to be perfect for you, and even better, you only pay for what you need.

You get to ask the questions you want, when you want. If you want to plug in your loyalty programme, no problem. The opportunities are endless.

Designed by research experts to engage your customers

LifeStars was designed by the clever folk at Spark Market Research, a specialist insight agency, to always allow clients to place their consumers at the heart of decision-making.

We’ve then engaged with a team of very smart developers to ensure our app is an amazing UX for your customers.

Smart pricing to suit your insight needs from £2,000/€2,250 p.m.

Here is what’s in the box

Make it your own

When you subscribe, the features detailed below can all be simply switched on for a small monthly fee. The app can then be perfectly tailored for your business and your research goals.

Thank your customers with some amazing rewards

Answering surveys earns your participants ‘Stars’ that can be converted into cash to spend against lots of top brands.

Bring your customers closer to your decision making

Turn it on.