Getting you started

LifeStars works hard for each brand, ensuring the right customisation that enable research goals to be achieved. LifeStars is not an off the shelf solution.   

Designed by research experts – Spark Market Research and built by tech specialists, our fully customisable research software platform is developed just for you.

We deliver self-service, always-on, consumer insight via a web application. This then utilises our native mobile apps to reach your customers through their mobile device, allowing constant dialogue.

Survey set up

Define the question that needs a quick response, feedback or opinion.

Select segmentation categories, targeting customer groups.

Choose a LifeStars crafted
survey or opt to create your own, using a step-by-step guide. Multiple question types can be selected.

Gaining insight

Schedule your survey on a day and time that suits you, and is also right for your target customers.

Participants are rewarded with redeemable financial incentives.

You get speedy, cost-effective, insights to inform your decisions.

The LifeStars research app can be ready within 5 simple steps. 

Step 1:

Customer screening

LifeStars allows you to run any number of research campaigns, when you want, where you want, and with whom you want. To get the set up just right, this means we’ll work with you to ensure we’re asking the right screener questions, we’re building in segmentation algorithms where required, and we’re tagging your customers in a way that will make selecting them for surveys seamless. 

Step 2:

Customer invitation

At this stage, we’ll ensure all the requisite GDPR questions are asked correctly. Whilst the brand remains the data controller, LifeStars will help you to invite your customers onto your LifeStars App once we have everything ready and good to go.  Customers can then download the LifeStars App from the App store or the Play store and after answering a few screening questions they can get started. 

Step 3:

Sending surveys

After set-up, you have full control of when, how often and when you send out surveys.  

Running research campaigns using LifeStars gives you access to quick responses, meaning opinions are relevant and timely. 

  • Attitudes and opinion about your brand 
  • Customer experience feedback 
  • Quick votes on NPD or design 
  • NPS scores 
  • Segment feedback 
  • Ad testing 
  • PR and business case statistics 
  • Trend exploration 
  • Testing of social assets 
  • Reactions to major news events  

Our team will show you how to send surveys as well as provide you with the answers to all the FAQs. LifeStars has been created so even technophobes can set up surveys so anyone can ask the questions they need to ask, quickly.  We’ve even built in survey templates for you if you need them.  

Step 4:

Customer Rewards 

Consumers are incentivised to participate, earning financial rewards for sharing their opinions, with over 180 brands integrated into the app, ranging from Costa to Uber. Every time you create a survey you allocate stars to it. The customer receives a pop-up notification on their phone, answers the survey, and their stars are added to their star wallet. They are free then to spend their stars as they want.   

Step 5:

Data and insights 

All the data that’s collected in the background is available to you, the client, in aggregate form. But you won’t be able to identify the exact person who answered each survey (that’s not allowed by the research Code of Ethics). Like every research project you will get a set of data tabs as well as graphs and charts showing the responses.  

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